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    In China's omnichannel digital experience, the lines between work, life, shopping and social media are blurred。Chinese consumers care not only about quality and price, but also about the brand and the lifestyle that the brand represents。Partner with Flow to create a diverse and comprehensive social media marketing strategy for your brand targeting your Chinese audience。

    Wechat marketing

    With more than 1.1 billion monthly active users on wechat, it's important to identify your audience and really understand them。Based on this, develop an online marketing strategy consisting of ads, campaigns, and content that connects your audience in a meaningful and impactful way。

    KOL management

    Chinese consumers have many choices, and they seek the help of opinion Leaders (KOLs) to make decisions。Kols not only bring attention to your brand, they also help define your brand's target audience and the lifestyle it represents, and create a dialogue directly with your audience。Flow helps you find Kols that resonate with your brand and work with them to reach your audience。

    Social media content creativity

    On social media in China, brands need to provide useful, interesting and multi-dimensional content to attract people's attention and make it possible for audiences to reach and resonate with your brand through multiple channels at any time during their busy day。Flow uses creativity and brand experience to write original content or create localized creations based on existing content。

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