• Website management and maintenance

    Only our technology (Flow) for customers

    • Server environment construction
      And upgrade

    • Website content update

    • Social media platform
      Content update

    If the company does not have a dedicated technical team, then the website management work will be a headache。Similarly, without a dedicated team of people responsible for website maintenance and social media updates, it won't be long before your online operations become disconnected from the reality of your company。

    We're talking about Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!We are very familiar with all social media management systems, which makes our network management efficient。 

    Server maintenance

    According to the size and complexity of your website, we will plan a reasonable maintenance time on an annual basis, and provide relevant technical support to ensure the normal operation of your website。

    Web content and social account maintenance

    When we know how much content you have updated on your online platform during the year, our workflow is simple: you provide the outline content, we polish it and put it on your website and social platforms。

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