• Enterprise website success secret: efficient communication

    Jun. 09, 2023

    This article is all about how to plan and implement effective communication in your corporate website。


    Enterprises can achieve long-term development only by constantly researching and mining target customers。As we all know, only by clearly understanding who the target customers are, can we understand their needs, provide them with comprehensive and true information, and finally impress customers。This article is all about how to plan and implement effective communication in your corporate website。


    1 How does the website attract target customers?


    Companies must first understand their target customers deeply before they can provide them with an emotionally resonant message。


    Obviously, companies must create a good online image in order to gain customer recognition。You want them to be rational or even skeptical when they visit the corporate website, then gradually increase their interest through emotional design language, and eventually get them to nod in approval of their brand image!This is where the target audience is important。If you try to be one-size-fits-all when building your business website, it can backfire if you don't have a brand in terms of content, user experience, and visual design。


    Different people have different values。The formation of these values is the result of cultural influences, and the cultures of people living in different regions vary greatly。People in different cultures have different values and the things that attract them are different。So it is unwise to try to cater to all groups of people。


    Many companies often fall into a misunderstanding, when they conceive the corporate website, they often think of maintaining a neutral brand image state。Not to offend anyone, but to appeal to everyone。In the end, such enterprises tend not to have much appeal to the target customers, nor can they get the recognition of the target customers。Would you rather choose a company that looks OK, or would you rather choose a company that aligns with your values?


    If a company chooses a neutral website design approach, the target users are unlikely to have a strong interest in such a website, both new and old customers, as long as the company provides information and brand values can resonate with users, then these users will be less likely to switch to other similar companies。 


    2 How to convince target customers?

    Once you have identified some basic characteristics and cultural commonalities of your target audience, you can begin to develop strategies for them。Multiple studies have shown that values are a very powerful heuristic tool that can engage users and help your brand gain user acceptance。


    比如,The value message our company wants to convey is: "Don't be afraid of challenges.,生而创新!” 那么,If we just express this idea in the text content of the website,Without showing "challenge" or "innovation" in the overall visual and interactive creativity of our website,那么,There's no way we can convince our target customers。 


    At the same time, in order to convince our target customer, he needs to like the "voice" we speak, or like the "dress" we wear, on the contrary, if they don't like, then no matter how rich the content of our website, can not get their approval。


    Therefore, when we create a corporate website, we should grasp the value information of the company and pass the"Corporate words and deeds = website content, behavior = user interaction, grooming = website visionThese three dimensions of planning convince the business's target customers。


    3 What feelings does the website need to convey to the user?

    In the human mind, there are many parts responsible for what we call emotions, and in general, these areas together make up the emotional system。Don Norman proposed,The emotional system consists of three distinct but interconnected levelsComposition, each level influences our experience of the world in a special way。


    The three levels areInstinct layer, behavior layer and reflection layer。The instinctive layer is related to the inherent, spontaneous and animalistic qualities of human emotions, which are largely outside the control of humans themselves。The behavioral layer refers to those controllable aspects of human behavior, in which we subconsciously analyze situations and develop goal-oriented strategies to achieve results in the shortest amount of time or with the least amount of action。As Don Norman puts it, the reflective level is "conscious thinking, learning about new concepts, and generalizing about the world.。These three levels exist independently as different dimensions of the emotional system, yet are interrelated and influence each other to create our overall emotional experience of the world。


    Based on these three levels and the criteria of modern web design norms, as well as our years of practice of "emotional design" are through the above three levels (Instinct: Feeling of beauty, behavior: feeling of interaction, reflection: feeling of brand)To guide the target customer's emotional positive direction, so that they feel usThe sense of reliability and integrity reflected in the website


    4 How does the website build relationships with target customers?

    1. Physical attraction


    Appearance is usually used to describe external beauty。When we find someone physically attractive, we want to get to know him or her better。Because we appreciate and admire someone's physical attractiveness, we want to be with attractive people。This applies not only to romantic relationships between couples, but also to friendships and work relationships between friends or colleagues。Research has shown that we are attracted to beauty even at a young age, and that we pay great attention to this trait when forming new personal and social relationships。


    For web design, this may mean that we need to attract customers with carefully selected images and graphics, as well as eye-catching characters。


    2. accessibility


    The proximity characteristic of establishing new relationships indicates that the closer people live and work, the more contacts they have, and the more likely they are to establish social relationships。We are more inclined to make friends with our neighbors。


    When thinking about your website's content copy and key button guides, you can present them in a more approachable way。


    3. Similarity effect


    Similarity always makes people attracted, we are more likely to be attracted to people who are similar to ourselves, in fact, it is to get social approval。In a sense, to like people like you is to like yourself。For example, you may be very similar in interests, hobbies, opinions, or sense of humor。When sharing these factors with another person, it makes you feel better about yourself。


    For example, in the construction of the enterprise website "talent recruitment", we can use "similarity" to establish emotional resonance with the target job seekers。


    4. complementarity


    The final element of attraction theory is complementarity。This means that we are attracted to people who are very different from ourselves, but only if we find that those differences allow us to complement each other and achieve a better balance。The key to this attraction is that differences must allow us to complement each other。Completely different religious or political views may not lead to complementary relationships between people。


    5 总结


    To gain consumers' favor, we must engage them, reduce uncertainty, increase familiarity, and gain their trust。


    In short, when building a corporate website, we need to enhance the appeal of a unique form to stimulate the curiosity of customers。The first time there must be a positive interaction with the consumer in order to get the consumer interested and willing to learn more about the brand。We must first establish familiarity, in other words, we must reduce uncertainty in order to gain the trust of consumers。


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